Our Mission

Who and why we are.



We are a BAME, female lead stage and screen production company. We specialise in making period pieces which center the stories of people of colour across 2000 years of European history. Our priorities also include telling working class stories set in any time period, creating 3 dimensional roles for women and showcasing a range of regional dialects.

Our goal is to be more than the sum of our ticket sales and that’s where the giving back comes in. If you have ever looked in the direction you’d like to go and failed to see anyone who comes from your background there, if you often enter open spaces in good faith to find that they have not been built to serve or empower you then The London Rep is here to help via our YouTube channel, Podcasts, Facebook posts and blog.

We had our first live event WinterBlossom Karaoke and Other Snippets in August 2018. We have a unique way of sharing at our flagship events - we perform a play and screen a film with the same company of actors for the same ticket price.

We are currently building our slate of upcoming projects which will be coming to a stage or screen near you soon.

Keep your eyes peeled on our twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blog for news of when that will be.