Our Values


Our Mission


We will make high quality theatre and film which is representative of society at large both as it is in the present day and as it was in history.

We will be representative of society not just in the content of our stories but in who we make our stories with on stage, in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

We seek to find new, fun and engaging ways to bring live and recorded arts to the public

We will find ways to use our profits to give back to the public and aspiring artists.

Our Values


  • We believe that one voice is enough to change the world; we believe a chorus is enough to build a new one.

  • We believe that which makes you different is your magic.

  • We know that we can never ever ever have it as hard as our ancestors.

  • We practice courage daily - an act is not courageous unless failing it is possible and doing so is frightening.

  • Our work ethic is unrivalled; we work hard AND smart.

  • We are rigorous with our fundamentals; we will never be too big to be great at the basics.

  • We live with our heart in today’s world and our head in tomorrow’s.

  • We exist to speak truth to power; we value feedback and are completely, uncompromisingly unafraid to give it.

  • Our greatest joy lies in bringing opportunity to others.

  • We are and always will be a safe space.