Who We Are


Founded in March 2018 by RADA graduate Leaphia Darko, The London Rep is a production company specialising in untold stories and giving back. We make period pieces centering the stories of people of colour, stories set in any time which feature working class life -authentic accents in tact - and stories featuring brilliant, flawed, complicated women.

We want to be more than the sum of our ticket sales and that’s where the giving back comes in. If you have ever looked in the direction you’d like to go and failed to see anyone who comes from your background there, if you often enter open spaces in good faith to find that they have not been built to serve or empower you The London Rep is here to help!

We have a blog, podcast and YouTube channel providing interviews, panel talks, tips & tricks, downloadable pdfs and resources in order to send you a virtual high five and let you know that your are important, you matter and yes the road may be hard but nothing is impossible. Where we can find someone from a traditionally underrepresented background who has already made strides in their journey we will introduce them to you. If you may be looking to do something that no-one like you has ever done before, we are here to be your personal cheerleading squad!

We had our first live event WinterBlossom Karaoke and Other Snippets in August 2018. We have a unique way of sharing at our flagship events because...

  • We are redifing Rep theatre for the for the Millennial Age and those that come after!

    Why should all the pieces the acting company perform in be on stage? It’s not 1930! Our company will be REPRESENTATIVE of the world in which we live AND will perform in one piece on stage, a short film and various pieces of online content.

  • Both pieces of work will be shared on the same night for the same ticket price!

    That’s right - at no extra cost to yourself! The first half will be theatre and after the interval will be a short film.

Not many other theatre or film production companies are crazy enough to try doing this. But we thought we’d have a go and the response was sick. (Just saying). We got to work with an amazing team of people, on stage, in front of the camera and behind the scenes. We can't wait to meet you at the next one. Keep your eyes peeled on our twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blog for news of when that will be.