An Intro to The London Rep

How and why we came to be…


Founded this year by our Artistic Director, 2017 RADA graduate Leaphia Darko ( Julius Caesar - Bridge Theatre, Loves Labours Lost - The Shakespeare’s Globe), The London Rep is a production company which aims to be both representative and revolutionary, redefining Rep Theatre for the millennial age, The GenXers, Y-ers, Zed-ers. And which ever age comes after we fall off the edge of the alphabet.

Developing projects on stage, on screen and online, The London Rep is a safe space for those who have long since been underrepresented both in the arts and in life and for those who would like an adventure. Concentrating on female centred stories, working class characters (with their many diverse, beautiful accents in tact) and period pieces set across 2000 years worth of European history featuring people of colour, welcome to the arts as you've never seen, heard or tasted them before.

Join us and be part of something.